Uncover the Magic of Tasmania

Tasmania’s natural beauty is captivating, its cultural experiences are diverse, and its food and drink offering is enviable. The capital city of Hobart is home to one of the world’s most intriguing art galleries as well as a fascinating convict history. Get a true taste of Tasmania in its fresh apple cider, cheeses, wine and oysters, and experience a dose of its serenity with its powder-white beaches and laid-back luxury. Looking for adventure? You’ll [...]

Top 20 Places Australian Traveler’s are dreaming about today

Dreaming of one day when we can travel again? See our list of the top 20 destinations we are all thinking about.   Creating your bucket list of destinations is a great way to start planning whether its a international holiday or a domestic escape. You could even start from the top of the list and work your way down! Australia Japan Italy South Africa New Zealand France Argentina Kenya Greece [...]

8 facts about Polar Bears that you didn’t know

How much does a polar bear weigh? The average adult female weights about 570 pounds. A fully grown male weighs around 1,000 pounds – almost twice the size of a female polar bear. They are the world's largest land predator and biggest member of the bear family. Polar bear diet, what do polar bears eat? Seals make up most of a polar bear's diet.  In addition to seals they also eat small mammals, birds, [...]

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